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rose lalonde || photographer

rose lalonde || photographer



So yeah i havent done a giveaway for a while now so here it goes yeah.

This is celebration for 630+ followers on my main blog

170+ on Crafts and Cosplay (this one)

and 30+ on my art blog

What you will get:

  • 1 (one) pair of Homestuck Cosplay horns. (not including larger horns i.e tavros + aradia)
  • yeah thats about it


  • Reblogs and likes count (no limit i guess whatever i dont care your followers do though)
  • Followers get something special if they win so yeah fun times (follows on any of my blogs)
  • us only whoops or just pay for shipping or something if out of the us

If you win:

  • ASK BOX OPEN please thank
  • I will ask you how you want them attached (i.e screws, hot glue, wire, or hairclips)

GIVEAWAY ENDS: OCTOBER 22ND (date subject to change)


ぱんすと!by ホニャララ


ぱんすと!by ホニャララ


god tier ladies (and subtle color scheme shipping????)


rose john punk tier by ~animegirl000

I kinda wanna cosplay this version of Rose but I love Jade’s version as well… although it may have a tad too much black.

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so what if i made another Legend of Lalonde photoset

Vriska as a Gerudo? Yes good.


boo hoo hoo hoo



her hair is braided??? idk i suck at drawing braided hair so i need to point that out

whoa I love this design

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