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Two meme gear wearing freshman leap up from their tumblr browsing laptops and start freaking about the SNK hoody I was wearing. I looked at them with a straight face and matched their enthusiasm as I told them that attack on titan is my favorite Indy band.

i went out to the grocery store once wearing my Life hoodie and got stopped by a excited homestuck and said “yah homestuck is my favorite manga” i swear to god i thought they were going to punch me

You guys inspire me to be a better troll


I swear to god I’m gonna kill this bitch next.

More Rhoda & Cammy photos. I’m actually pretty proud ow this wig turned out!

Rhoda | Cammy | Photos


Dance Like You Want To Win! - Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 9

Shinji Ikari ♫ ♪ Asuka Langley Soryu ♫ ♪ Photographer



I’ll take my own path! No matter what anyone else says!

Colossalcon could have been the biggest bummer because of so many costume fall outs but i pulled myself together the week before and was able to pull this cosplay out of my ass and I couldn’t be happier that I did ;w; I had a blast wearing Ryuko and she’s definitely become not only one my comfiest ones, but a top favorite <3 

I want to give a super special thanks to the lovely and talented Kumashiro who was kind enough to bring along her scissorblade for me <3 This is seriously the nicest prop I own now and I implore anyone looking for one to commission her immediately!!!

Second thanks to KDoran Photography for taking time out of her busy cosplay and weekend schedule to take these BEAUTIFUL shots ;w; I really cannot thank you enough these make the struggle all worth while <3 

Very nice yes


Koujaku Bunny // Aoba Bunny // Photo

Was this a mistake?  Yes.  Do I regret it?  Hell naw.

We each designed our costumes, made our suits and everything else!  Colossalcon was geta con for me… OTL


Some of my favorite photos from my Usagi shoot with Molleigh!

Photographer: Molleigh (I can’t remember her tumblr o_o;;)


Yoohoo! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
I got some lovely photos back from one of my Diego shoots at Colossalcon! It was sooo hot but I had fun in the cosplay!

More to be shown later~

[ cosplayer: gyrojo, photographer: dragonfanphotos ]


Zettai daijoubu da ne?

Cosplayer TenshiSakura [FB]

Photographer Devious Tofu [FB] [Website]

I’m so happy finally have completed my first Cardcaptor Sakura costume!! I had an absolutely amazing time working with Sarah and AHH she makes my awkwardness look so cute! (You should totes book with her, like now)



Thanks to potatokraken and devioustofu for the awesome pics!!

Haru: Tenshisakura [Tumblr]

Makoto: Indercin

Rei: LISXXOR [Tumblr]

Nagisa: Sllim Cosplay [Tumblr (aka Sewsllim)]

Gou: Araku-Seiei (me)

Rin: Jefferson Cos





High Summoner Yuna

Thanks to Spoozi for not only making my 5-year cosplay dream come true, but for also dragging me into the place of lil birbs to feed for this all too beautiful photo!!~ I love her so much ahhh!!~<3