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Ben Nye “Troll Grey” vs. Snazaroo Light Grey

Hey there! I’m writing this up to help fellow Homestuck cosplayers. In this little demonstration, I will compare the Ben Nye “troll grey” (created combining white and grey makeup with this tutorial) with Snazaroo’s light grey makeup. :)

As you can see from the first picture, troll grey is visibly darker than snazaroo’s light grey. As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, troll grey is created by mixing Ben Nye creme grey and white. Because you mix two colors, you end up with two tubs of the color, but it looks like it would end up being about the same amount as one tub of the Snazaroo paint.

Also important to note is that the troll grey is creme paintand light grey is water-activated. This means that troll gray is grease-based and honestly feels kinda gross on your skin. You need to powder it well or it will show up shiny in photographs. The powder also lightens the color a bit, so it doesn’t appear as dark as when you apply it (and it feels much less greasy!). Snazaroo’s light grey on the other hand feels much nicer on the skin, but requires a few coats to get a solid color. To use it you simply dab a makeup sponge in some water and rub it on the palette to get some paint and then paint your face. You have to wait for the paint to dry between each application so you don’t wipe off what you’ve already painted!

Okay, onto the comparison! First up is Ben Nye creme color “troll grey”

Next up is Snazaroo’s light grey water activated paint:

I used about three coats for my light grey. (Ben Nye was only one)

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two greys:

The Ben Nye troll grey is on the left and the Snazaroo Light Grey is on the right.

Conclusions! I think that which color you choose is up to personal preference, and they both work, but Snazaroo requires less work as you can buy it as-is while you have to make troll grey. The price for the makeup is very close (I bought the Ben Nye for $6 each [6x2=12] and the Snazaroo cost $8 but it depends on where you buy things and shipping costs). Ben Nye is easier to apply but feels kinda gross on your face, Snazaroo takes more time to apply but feels better on your face… it’s really a back and forth battle!

I hope this has helped some of you out and if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

NOTE: Since some of you asked, my arms are airbrushed. My friend Alex did it so if you have any questions about airbrushing feel free to ask her!

Oh, here’s a picture of me with Ben Nye’s troll grey in cosplay (Remember that powder and flash lightened up the color a little):

EDIT: Here’s a picture of me using Snazaroo!:

Happy cosplaying!