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Hyrule Warriors + Princess Ruto

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Hey guys! I’m trying to branch out into more serious photography, and I need your help! If you’ve worked with me in the past and enjoyed your experience, I implore you to leave a nice review on my THUMBTACK PAGE!! Once you’ve left the review on my page, pick a photo from your respective album on my FLICKR PAGE. Send the link or photo number (both seen by clicking on the photo you want) to my FACEBOOK MESSAGES and you’re done!

I hope that makes sense! If you have any questions feel free to message me! You have to be comfortable giving me your home address so I can send you said picture so be prepared for me to ask you for it.

Thank you guys so much, this really means a lot to me so if you could do this it’d be much appreciated!!

Also signal boosts are welcome :)

Open RP: Saeko



"Ah…I don’t think this shirt will hold my breasts…."


"Well, of course not, Saeko. This fabric is much too thin and weak to give any form of support and it the stitching you’ve done on it is horrendous. Why don’t you overlay it on some canvas and then accentuate the fabric’s features with some of this beautiful chartreuse you’ve picked out over here?"


Tim Gunn snapped his fingers.

"Make it work!"



Page Stretch for the Worst Birthday.

read this fucking amazing comic god damn you all


★ by えのき on pixiv


★ by えのき on pixiv

CLAMP series in CLAMP Special movie 2012

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Kamui Shiro

(1993 - 2007)



I need color opinions!

It’s been pretty hard to find the appropriate colors for Luna (hence why my work on choco-maize’s magical girl design is stalled) but I finally found this sateen that MIGHT work for the blouse. It’s a low sheen, nice weight-left is natural light, right is with flash.

It’s definitely the closest color at Joann’s, the only nearby fabric store, but I’m ordering swatches online for the rest anyways.

Also I haven’t prewashed because I LIVE ON THE EDGE actually because we don’t have laundry bins or a place to dry it… I’m wondering if that will change the color much?

It’s definitely not dull enough based on the reference art, but it seems pretty close to the screenshots?

So, opinions-is it close enough that it’ll look good, or should I keep searching?

halp plz

I think it’ll work well, and washing it shouldn’t do anything at all to the color :)


Sheik and OoT Link, all day every day.